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Top 10 Traveling Jobs That Pay You To Travel 2020

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Do you ever dream of flying to countries miles off? Most of us definitely do. Unfortunately, for several reasons, notably money, we let go of this dream. But what if you could get a traveling Jobs and get paid to travel around the world?

Obviously, many of us are unaware that there are traveling jobs available that pay you to travel the world. And there are a lot of jobs like that too.

Therefore, consider any of these options if you’re smitten by the travel bug, and want a traveling jobs, and get paid to travel the world.

Top 10 Traveling Jobs That Pay You to Travel the World

Some of those jobs I’m going to be writing about need special skills. Some can be brought in, among others, with some knowledge and outstanding communication skills.

Overall, almost everyone with a valid passport and a willingness to travel can find traveling jobs.

1.Travel Journalist

TV channels, newspapers and magazines, tourism networks, and operators all require travel reporters to promote their destination.

Not only do these organizations pay you to travel but they also bear every expense for you to visit tourist attractions, dine at the best restaurants and live in style.

In reality, when you fly, you’ll enjoy the best of all, because many companies that want to attract tourists and guests will fund every expense.

It’s not easy to become a tour journalist or a travel writer. Excellent communication and presentation skills are required. Of course, your job is to attract more and more people to visit a particular country.

You can work as a travel journalist or travel writer with a TV network or a tourism company on a full-time or part-time basis.

This is a very glamorous job, and you’re definitely going to have to be sharp enough to compete with other veterans in this field.

2.Tour Guide

Imagine wandering the Venice canals or tearing in a safari jeep through the jungle, while sharing your love of traveling with like-minded people. As a tour guide, you can travel the world and share your passion for traveling with other travelers on vacation.

To be effective you need to be able to handle large numbers of people and a background in history or local knowledge is important.

The workload may change throughout the year and usually includes a busy peak season and a low season where you may not have as many tours.

If you want to live out of a suitcase and share with people your want of destinations, this is a perfect opportunity to combine with travel.


A photographer or videographer is also a job where you can get paid for traveling.

Or you can make your own money by selling amazing pictures and videos of locations that you visit on stock photo websites.

Travel photographers and videographers generally require a high standard of photographic skills. They need to understand what to shoot and what to avoid, keeping local sensitivities in mind at the destination.

Traveling photographers and videographers typically make a large amount of money. Basically this is a career in which you are still in demand.

Employers include everyone from airline companies to, among others, travel channels, websites and magazines, tourism promotion offices, and tourism businesses.

If you have the necessary skills, this is one of the best travel jobs where you get paid for traveling.

4.Flight Attendant

flight attendent jobs

One of the best jobs you can travel about is being a flight attendant.

You will all fly to various countries on beautiful aircraft while receiving a nice income and good benefits.

For flight attendant applicants, additional experience as a server or in a customer service oriented role is helpful.

Airline hiring managers often highly value skills such as speaking a foreign language, and CPR training.

Many airlines post their work openings directly on their own websites so it is helpful to choose an airline that operates lots of flights from your home airport to reduce your flight-day travel time.

Flight attendants often work random hours, encountering both difficult or disruptive passengers and typical travel disadvantages such as jet lag.

But, as a reward for your hard work, you’ll win free or discounted flights for you and nearby family members, as well as the opportunity to see beautiful places around the world.

5.Language Teachers

In countries in South East Asia or so-called Far East English teachers are in high demand. That’s because locals in these countries want to know the way Americans speak English.

And they’re prepared to pay you for those lessons. Indeed many Americans and other native English speakers are traveling for holidays to these countries. And they participate in informal tutoring that helps to cover their travel, lodging, and stay expenses.

If you are proficient in any language and can teach people how to speak fluently at an expert level. Use grammar and other basic elements, you are language trainers looking for part-time work.

6.Cruise Ship Worker

Cruise ship jobs are known as one of the best jobs you can go to. You will receive a fee for visiting the world and interacting with people from a wide range of cultural backgrounds while collecting salaries.

As cruise ships provide almost any imaginable service, people from all backgrounds have employment opportunities. One restaurant, technician, journeyman plumber, and even performer in one of the ship’s activities is available as a server.

ship work can seem to people that like to travel like a dream job, but it also needs a great deal of time and hard work.

Cruise Ship Jobs can also be posted, along with information about whether and what to expect.

Cruise ships leave ports around the globe including popular destinations such as New York and Hawaii.

And you still have time to explore towns on your route while working long hours.

 7.On-Board Courier Traveling Jobs

Onboard courier jobs are relatively easy to get if you have a high school degree.

valid passport that allows you to enter most countries free of visas and are willing to fly for long hours.

Transport and courier firms require that highly valuable items, lifesaving medicines, confidential documents, and transplant human organs be transport to the onboard courier.

Customs and immigration clearances must be clear for the things you are carrying at the airport of departure and arrival. Usually, the next available flight will take you back to your country.

However, this job pays you to travel and see the world as you will definitely enjoy at the destination for a couple of hours once your job is done.

8.Foreign Service Officer

If you love your country as much as you love to travel, you can combine your two passions as a Foreign Service Officer into one rewarding career.

Like ambassadors, these individuals travel the globe working on global issues such as immigration, refugee movements, and disaster relief while serving US interests.

Many workers deal directly with international governments and are assign to new positions every couple of years.

You must pass the Foreign Service Officer Exam and choose a career pathway within the department to apply for those positions.

Positions are post on the website of the Department of State along with guidelines.

9.Travel Writer    

Travel writing is one of the most accessible jobs to travel the world. As a blogger, in blog posts or articles for newspapers and magazines, you can cover famous new destinations and off the beaten path locales. World-renowned sites like The New York Times, Conde Nast, and National Geographic all hire travel writers to report on the worldwide holiday destination sites.

As a reporter for a major newspaper, you can fly on the budget of the client.

while showcasing the best travel destinations and experiences of the year.

If you want to become a travel blogger you’ll be traveling and working with local tourism industries and businesses to promote locations as travel destinations.

You can share your own experiences abroad and gain extra money as a brand ambassador and through affiliate links on your website if you’re a travel writer for your own blog.

10.Relief & Rescue Worker

There are countless organizations like Doctors Without Borders, Red Cross and Red Crescent, UNESCO and others sending relief and rescue workers to disaster-hit areas, or providing humanitarian assistance.

It doesn’t take much experience to get a job as a relief and rescue worker.

But if you’re excellent at repairing machinery and vehicles, teaching, maintaining, or holding a doctor’s degree, finding such jobs faster is easier.

It is worth noting here that worker relief and rescue workers are not promising comforts.

While you are compensated for flying around the world, you usually sleep in disaster tents and take care of local people’s needs.


Seek any of these 10 amazing traveling jobs that will help you make money while visiting a foreign country. Some are fairly easy to get as I mentioned earlier.

These kinds of work not only help you make money. Rather, they also serve as a good resource for your personal education by linking you to different cultures and traditions

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