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How To Start A Graphic Design Business (Quick Guide)

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I have some advice and tips for you if you have graphic design skills and want to know how to start a graphics design business.

Will you want to make money as a designer? Let’s continue.

Remember that your graphic design company would be difficult to start at the first stages.

Not because the industry is saturated, but because there is a rough competition, particularly if you are not known!

But yeah, there’s always good rivalry! In other terms, on-the-ground desire!

I encourage you to begin, stay and work. The rest is going to come!

1. Know Your Skills

First and foremost, you must realize your ability.

Take a couple of hours, write down your passion.

Throughout any business, passion plays a major role. You can get out of steam really quickly if you’re not enthusiastic enough.

Passion and skill are always linked.

Take the time to analyze what you like to design, how much design you can achieve and so on.

Because this determines how much your services will be charged.

2. Choose A Niche

Yeah, it’s a bit of a fight. I ‘d like to share my opinion on why your design business should choose a niche and why you should not choose a niche as a beginner.

You are the only one to decide what path to take.

Why do you want a niche when you start a company for graphic design

Why Should You Choose A Niche when you start a graphic design business

Well, if you want to contact business customers, large companies and make money from graphics, then niching is very profitable.

Okay, if you want to reach company clients, large companies and sincerely make money from graphic arts, it is very profitable to work with niche.

Firms are most interested in partnering with individuals with business expertise.

Why is that?

Big business customers have a budget to invest in designing graphics. That’s why they’re really demanding.

They are therefore always looking for someone that has already worked in the same industry for another company.

Say, I can assure you that the first question they are going to ask you is “Did you do such a job for another law firm?

Why Not Choose A Niche?

Well, sometimes if you want to make money as a graphic designer, you have no choice but to do every project.

If you really need money, I’m not going to tell you to stick to a niche until such time as you find a client in the aerospace industry. I ‘m getting you!

Then in your niche range you want to go a little big. At this point, you may want to pick up the experience and the money on different projects of various industries.

Only after you get your hands on a couple of projects and have a preference for a certain niche to work in, then you can start niching down and choosing to sell your services to one or more different industries.

3. Build A Portfolio

For an aspiring graphic designer a portfolio is one of the most important assets in your life. Without a portfolio please say goodbye to customers, projects and money.

I don’t have to remind you your prospects will still want to see the work of the past.

Because every prospect has a different taste, if they don’t know your style of design they just won’t pay you to design something for them.

Therefore having a professional portfolio is a good way to attract customers and to close design deals.

When they like what they see in your portfolio, future clients will certainly get in touch with you.

So, that’s why having an amazing and updated portfolio is essential.

Tips for your portfolio to show you as a graphic designer:

Do not just put a logo on a black or white background and upload your product, as your customers will close their attention.) Use Photoshop mockups to showcase your work like a pro.

Upload your best works (not just upload a bunch of random artworks but pick the best ones)

Record your artworks posted here. (Explain briefly the idea, how you came up with the design etc … a lot of prospects will judge you on that)

If you want to make money as a graphic designer, showing your artwork online is a MUST.

4. Get Your Own Website

When you want to take the graphic design business seriously, it’s a must for you to live your own website.

Unless you want to land big clients, a portfolio on Behance does not make the cut!

And you must look professional if you want to serve big customers.

Your own website is your own personal place to draw prospective customers.

Your own website does not only show your art, it is also a strategic resource for the growth of business.

If you want to know how to create a website from scratch as beginnner you can check this post

How To Start A Blog

5. Take Inspiration From Experts

Another thing that can really benefit you when you start off is to be inspired by those at the top … by experts!

I don’t tell you to copy the artwork by any means.

But see what they do, try to see where they improve, don’t be afraid to reach them to ask the questions …

If you have selected already a particular design pattern, check out and examine some experts in the same field from all angles.

You will see that this will have a significant impact on your future graphic design business.

6. Equip Yourself

After that, you must invest in your equipment, prepare your mind for the great plunge.

You’ll need a reliable design framework as a graphic designer that won’t let you down in the final stages of a serious project.

Before choosing your pieces of equipment, the type of design services you want to provide should already be clear enough.

You do not want to waste money on stuff you ‘re not going to use! For e.x, let ‘s say you want to be providing logo & brand identity design services, purchasing the Adobe Creative Suite is unnecessary.

For this reason Photoshop & Illustrator will work!

7. Set Up A Marketing Plan

Then it’s time to find the first clients because nobody is going to find you. It’s your job to get your customers on when you just started.

Therefore, it should not be ignored to establish a sound marketing plan.

There are now a lot of ways to find your perfect customers. However, first, your marketing strategy must be developed.

Developing a marketing strategy is what will bring you a consistent flow of projects, and who says that projects say money, right?

8. Join Communities

There is one stage in every designer ‘s life which is good as well as bad: loneliness

It’s real that you’ll have a tendency to separate yourself from the rest of the world while you are freelancing. But in my opinion it is not always a good thing.

This is why I encourage you to join several design communities in participating in business network events.

This is crucially important for two reasons:

Business networking can bring you your first projects-meeting industry influencers has a lot of advantages. Why not make the most of that?

When you are stuck somewhere, connecting with other like-minded people can inspire you and lift you up.

Wrap Up

All right, let’s just sum up the important points of this article on how to continue and make money as a graphic designer in the graphics industry:

  • Know your abilities – first and greatest step
  • Choose A niche – niching in one or a few industries is a very good thing if you want to work with large customers.
  • Create A Portfolio – your artworks will definitely open doors to possibilities, connections, and even collabs.  
  •  create your own website – your online presence is a strategic tool for your business in graphic design.
  • Inspire yourself from experts — take inspiration from what works and seek not to re-invent the wheel.
  • Equip yourself – it will make the most impact on your work to use the best tools and software.
  • Join groups – move into the waters and see more possibilities and visibility.
  • Build a marketing plan – develop a strategy on how you market your services in order to supply projects for your pipeline.

I hope these few graphic design tips will be helpful in setting up your graphic design business. I want to hear about you in the following comment section.


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