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How To Make Money With Data Entry Jobs (2020)

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While data entry jobs don’t pay $100k a month, you can still make a reasonable income, at least enough to pay the bills and do some shopping or even go on holidays elsewhere.

It has become a much desired job because many businesses offer the versatility of doing the job from home.

In the data entry industry there are many remote workers, and the job is done even if the operator is on the other end of the globe.

So, if you want to make an online full-time income or money on the side, you can try applying for jobs in data entry.

You must also note that this industry definitely is making progress. You don’t want your entire life to remain as a data entry operator.

Check the career path through the world of data entry:

data entry jobs career path

The annual average salary of data entry jobs in USA is between $30 K and $41K.

And if you can rack up a $3 k income per month, you can do data entry work.

What Is Data Entry?

As the name already indicates, the entry of data is the entry by the means of a laptop or computer to a specific device.

In the form of text , audio or video, data are always given and the data entry officer must enter the data into the entering system of the organization.

For entry-level workers, there are numerous data input jobs available, and yes, when you have more experience in the field, you are paid more.

You can do various types of data entry jobs such as electronic text processing, sort, coding, transcript, etc.

Equipment You Need

A laptop or a computer
A fast internet connection
Number pad – a number pad is useful and time savers when entering data for a quantity of numbers.

Software for Date Processing, MS Office Suite

Skills You Need

As with any other job, you must meet a minimum number of requirements to be considered as a potential candidate, although you may start at the entry level.

For some US businesses, the majority of candidates for data entry require strong quantitative knowledge and English skills to become eligible for jobs, both in writing and in speaking.

These are the key skills you must start with as an operator of data entry:

Skillful typing, in accuracy as well as in speed

You must know how to use the computer

Simple literacy and technical skills.

It’s organizational skills.

Powerful, written and oral communication skills.

Good customer service capabilities.

Keep in mind that other related tasks than simply entering data are required.

That’s why the above skills are important as you’re going to need them in other work areas like customer service, supporting someone over the phone, etc …

5 Best Online Data Entry Jobs

1. Amazon MTurk

Were you aware that Amazon is not just that big product warehouse? Amazon has many work on-line, Amazon MTURK included.

Amazon MTurk provides a forum to outsource its activities for businesses. To perform these tasks remotely, MTurk employs people.

Data testing, material assessment, and online surveys are jobs available on MTurk.

MTurk could be an excellent opportunity for this reason if you need extra cash on your hands.

Click here to apply as an employee for jobs related to data entry.

2. Xerox

I still assumed that Xerox was just the big dealer in photocopies.

However, I was surprised to find that Xerox is indeed on the list after researching data entry companies.

Quite surprisingly, it provides so many possibilities for work from home.

Their data entry roles applied not only to the tech sector, but also to many other industries.

You should visit their workboard to see which data entry activities are relevant to your requirements. You’ll find one, I ‘m sure. To see, please click here.

3. Clickworker

Clickworker is a micro-task solution one-stop shop.

Their crowd-sourced community of 1.9 million employees performs and delivers these tasks.

I’m sure you can find something out there to make money online from home as a clicker. the amount of resources available to companies is immense.

You can apply here to be a clickworker.


Lionbridge is recognized as the largest work from home service provider, partnering with several of the world’s largest businesses.

Services such as data collection, global testing and language services are offered by Lionbridge.

The majority of their employees are bilingual. Then you’ll certainly be a bonus if you fluently speak in a few languages, both in writing and in speech.

Click here to sign up to join their group of workers.


Appen is another big organization providing the best data entry jobs, and if you’re looking to work from home, it has a variety to offer.

They serve six of America’s largest industries: retail, technology, government , health, finance, and automotive.

Appen offers work from home incentives ranging from basic surveys to ongoing tasks that can last for months or longer to be completed in less than one hour.

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Where to find data entry jobs


Glassdoor is one of the largest self-employed places to work remotely with people.

It provides a wide variety of employment opportunities and almost every day there are hundreds of new data entry jobs.

Another big market where you can quickly make money with data entry jobs from home. You have to register for an account there and start to apply for jobs.


upwork data entry jobs

Before typing in the search bar “data entry jobs,” make sure you switch the small drop-down arrow to select “jobs.”

You will find a huge list of companies looking for freelancers to perform their tasks after typing “data entry jobs”

Wrap Up

There are many other data entry jobs but these are the top 5 in my opinion. I have worked with a few of them and I’ve always been satisfied, payment-wise especially .


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