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How to Make Money on Instagram in 2020

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You might think to yourself: can you make money on Instagram? How people can making money on Instagram? How does Instagram sales differ from other types of e-commerce business?

Yes, you can definitely make money on Instagram. Instagram has emerged in the entertainment and fashion niche as a business platform for all kinds of influencers, brands, and particularly for people.

There is no limit to profit opportunities if you have a fan base. But you need to become a niche influencer to earn a decent amount from Instagram.

How to Make Money on Instagram?

Instagram is perfect for selling well-photographed products. If your products are photogenic, in other words, you can most likely sell them with Instagram. Also, if you’re photogenic yourself or can take great photos, you will most definitely have a massive following that can be capitalized for sale.

If you’re a little creative, you can easily develop and grow your fan base by regularly posting quality photographs with related hashtags and getting engaged with your followers.

Now there is always a big question in people’s minds how many followers to make money on Instagram? There is no specific criteria set by Instagram but You can start earning money from your Instagram account once you have built a base of 5 K minimum followers.

Here is the best 7 business models to make money on Instagram:

1. Affiliate Marketing

You can start by putting affiliate links or promo code in your post ‘s description to sell the goods of others and receive a commission.

Most firms are marketing their goods over affiliate systems.

The difference between an affiliate and an influencer is that an affiliate marketing works to make sales in exchange for a commission while the influencer aims to create awareness & value for its audience. He can earn by using affiliate links or by directly promoting brands.

It may sound like a difficult game at first, but if you want to expand, affiliate marketing has a range of possibilities for expansion. Including a website and/or other marketing or social media platforms will broaden your presence.

Here is the list of the best affiliate programs to make money on Instagram

  1. Amazon Associates
  2. CJ Affiliate
  3. ShareASale
  4. Skimlinks
  5. Rakuten
  6. Clickbank

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2.Sponsored Posts

With Instagram, you can create endorsed brand content to help get some money along the way.

sponsored Content includes producing a post that shows a brand or product.

If you have a good number of followers, the brands will reach you for a sponsored post.

These posts should contain captions that include links, references or hashtags to highlight the product.

You can receive between $50-$2000 + per supported post anywhere, depending on how big your Instagram account is.

I noticed that most of the brands no longer really require formal ambassadors these days.

After the rise of social media influencers this approach became dispensable.

To insure that your endorsed content will not shot your followers away, you need to produce images or videos showing how you feel about a certain brand or product, so that viewers can connect to you.

An active public will do wonders for the credibility of a company as well as for your bank account.

3.Promote Your Blog

Blogging is hands down my favorite online way of making money.

Why? Why not? Since they are passive.

Also if I don’t work on my blog, money always flows to it.

Here you can see how to start a profitable blog step by step to make money

But you need visitors to read your posts to make your blog profitable.

And Instagram comes handy there.

All you need to do is build a post that shows your blog content and nature, whether it’s a picture or a video.

Make sure you have a link on the bio of your Instagram profile to your blog page when you upload it.

Here is an Example

4. Start an Online Store and Promote on Instagram

Surveys show that 40% of Instagram users buy products they can find on Instagram. You can launch an online shop on Instagram and promote it.

  • Do challenges and games to engage the audience. 
  • Use photos of your product clicked by the followers who used it.

Here is Example

Dropshipping is a business model that you can use without ever keeping any inventory to operate your store. When you have made a deal, your manufacturer must send your goods directly to the doorstep of your customer from their warehouse. You’ll never need to worry about your products being stored, packaged or shipped.

You may need to set up your own eCommerce store through Shopify or similar platforms to sell your products on Instagram for the broader market or to sell your products on an online marketplace, such as Etsy or Amazon.

You can genrate leads for ecommerce platforms like shopify, etsy ,amazon

A company page connected to your Instagram Business account is also needed for Facebook.

It is one of the best way to make money on instagram

5.Sell poster photos and other virtual products.

Instagram revolves around the visual content. On Instagram photogenic items will be selling well. Poster pictures, paintings, drawings, animations, videos, and other virtual images or video products can be sold. For each post, refer readers to the link in your bio. That’s another common way to make money on Instagram.

When you think you ‘re taking pictures of good quality, there’s a chance you’ll get paid for this. But do not restrict yourself only to photography and explore other ways of enhancing your images, such as editing and composition. Use the phone ‘s best picture editing software to get the most out of the pictures you take.

Using the appropriate Instagram hashtags on Instagram to promote your photography portfolio.

6.Become an Instagram Marketing Consultant 

A number of people are looking for help in through their Instagram business. If you’ve used Instagram and have in-depth marketing experience and use of social media, then you can offer your services as an expert in Instagram marketing.

You can also gain work on sites such as Fiverr and Upwork by freelancing for Instagram based jobs.

When several projects have been completed and you have built a portfolio of completed projects, you can start pitching companies for work.

as marketing consultant you can make good amount of money on instagram

It will allow you more control about the price you charge, and as a professional, it can become a full-time company. The average salary of the social media marketing manager ranges from $40,000 to $60,000 per annum

 7.Earn Money by Account Selling 

This might shock you now!

But yes , you can make a profit by selling your Instagram account at one go entirely.

If you have an active fan base but have no time or are not yet an influencer in the eyes of brands, then selling your account is a good choice. Selling Instagram accounts helps a lot of people earn.

Instagram accounts sell from $150 to $1000 wherever they are.

The other business model is buying a niche-specific Instagram account which has a lower number of users (as they are focused and have a more high value). growing it and then selling the Instagram account for a higher value.

You can get high payouts, instant gratification with minimal hassle compared to a Facebook account being sold.

Tips to Grow Instagram Followers 

1. Post Regularly :

Regular posting will help you reach more people, rather than waiting for a specific time for your audiences. Because all of the followers may be online at various times of the day. You are kept in touch with your fans by daily updates.

Your frequency of posting will rely on your business goals, and how much time you can spend on your marketing activities in Instagram.

2.Focus on Quality

It is because of the content that your followers come to know you and your brand. You need to create relevant quality content, including photos, videos for creating viral posts, improving user experience, and community development.


You can use follow to follow method by following to followers of your niche related pages for getting initial 400 – 500 followers, Don’t spam on Instagram, spamming can be lead to the ban your account. after getting initial followers you can use Instagram paid promotion to get more followers. just invest 10 -20 $ in it because we are here to earn not to spend.

Wrap Up

You can start with affiliate marketing or selling designs & images, instead of jumping out and trying all the methods to make money on instagram.

You can then offer paid service or consulting services until you are contacted by brands for sponsored posts, product reviews, or collaborations.


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