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How to make money on amazon in 2020(10 Best ways)

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You’ll find some of the best ways to make money on amazon in this article that will help you make an additional $500-$ 1000 a month.

The best thing is that you can quickly apply for any position because you don’t need to train for the interview or take paid courses.

Everything you need is the passion, a bit of work experience and a few extra hours you can put into the job.

They ‘re not one or two, there are a lot of opportunities. And most people are unfamiliar with such work opportunities.

But don’t worry, I’ve come up with 10 lesser-known work opportunities from Amazon which can help you earn a good income every month.


Amazon’s trade-in program allows you to sell your gadgets , devices and appliances from old tech. And in return, they ‘re sending you a shiny Amazon gift card.

Still confused, man! Just take this example …

Suppose you have a smartphone that you purchased in 2019 and you want to sell it now, then you can simply exchange it on amazon under an exchange-in program and easily earn money.

Any product mentioned below can be of good value …

  • Mobile phones 
  • Electronics devices
  • Books
  • Video games

Now let’s think about how selling old goods on amazon’s trade-in platform will make money.

Find the item or product you want to trade-in once you’re inside.

amazon trade in program

I am selecting cell phone here you can select any category or product which you want to sell

smartphone brands

Select the brand of the product

sell on amazon

Find the smartphone or decvice which you want to sell

Once you have described the condition, you will be given the estimated value of your trade-in product. That can accordingly differ.

The last question they ask you is to determine whether or not the product looks the way you have described it.

Then press the “continue” button after you make a choice. It brings you to a summary of the Amazon order where you can confirm the trade-in.

So then, amazon sends you the confirmation message with the standard of shipping you need to print.

And now, you ‘re done …

You’ll get an Amazon gift card after 10 business days.

This is how amazon trading-in service can be used to raise money from your old mobile phones or even portable gadgets.


Do you like Designing ? If so, then Amazon MERCH will be here to help.

MERCH allows people to design T-SHIRTS for Amazon. Amazon takes the design of T-SHIRTS and prints it out. So so every time anyone buys a T-SHIRT with your printed logo, they pay you a commission.

It’s one of the best homemade amazon work that will pay you decent money.

Let’s learn how to start earning on amazon MERCH …

amazon merch

(For more processing please login or build a new account at

  • Now, first of all, you have to visit AMAZON MERCH.
  • Next, First, you need to ask for an invitation as this program is invited only so you need to press invitation on request
  • Think about it. Now get your design published. And then choose the form, color, and description of the product.
  • Now Finally, Amazon will pick and print your legitimate template on your chosen T-SHIRTS and send it to millions of clients.

You will receive the profits every time consumers buy the goods. The sum of the royalty is dependent on the price of the drug.

It can vary between $2-$ 10 per product. A $15.99 T-SHIRT, for example, could give you a $2.21 Commission


According to Wikipedia, “mTurk is a crowdsourcing platform for companies to employ” crowd staff “from remote locations to perform specific on-demand tasks that computers are currently unable to perform.”

mTurk helps businesses and individuals to optimize efficiency , increase flexibility and reduce production and labor costs.

And if you want to help businesses and people through amazon, then mTurk is your best option.

(Note: currently not available in India and other countries, please see for more information.)

Make sure you test all eligibility rates before applying …

You must be 18 years of age minimum.

You should be able to solve specific problems regarding data processing.

Once you have accepted your tasks the money will be added to the MTurk account. You may either transfer your payment to your bank account or apply for an amazon gift card.


FBA means “fulfillment by Amazon.”

Just put it briefly, this is how it works:

Become a seller at Amazon.

Purchase wholesale goods (from website Alibaba or similar).

Send your inventory to an Amazon inventory center.

Amazon will deliver the products for your customers once you join Amazon’s FBA network. You still could ship the goods to prevent extra Amazon costs, but FBA is the easiest way to sell goods on a scale.

In simple way after becoming amazon FBA seller you have to ship your product to amazon inventory, amazon will pack it, deliver it and they will send you the commission of the product

You make money if you are able to sell Amazon products at a price higher than you pay for them.

To start, register here to start sales on Amazon. You can then register here for Amazon FBA.


Enter the Amazon Associates program to optimize your current website or blog.
That is a great way to make money on Amazon without selling anything.

If you have a blog that has huge traffic you can make money on amazon affiliate and you can earn passive income through it.

The system allows you to receive up to 10 percent of eligible transactions in advertisement fees.

Examples of commission by category of product include:

  • Luxury, beauty, and coins Amazon — 10 percent
  • Möbel, house, shoes, home improvement-8%
  • Lawn & garden, products for pets, pantry-8%
  • Outdoor and equipment-6%
  • Digital music, food, physical music, handmade, digital videos-5%

You can view the standard fee schedule for the full Associates program here.

Joining and getting approved is easy. Amazon also provides a wide range of linking tools that can be embedded on your website.

Since Amazon is so widespread these days, after clicking on your link you end up getting commissions on all kinds of random products that people buy during the cookie window. If you are able to create high traffic sites and get loads of clicks on your affiliate links, the earnings quickly add up.

In a simple way, if any visitor goes through your link to amazon and they didn’t buy the product suggested by you or by any other product. still, you will get commission for that sell

Read here :

How to make money with amazon affilate program


Amazon flex is a product delivery system that enables individuals to deliver products to customers.

As with other amazon job opportunities, a college degree isn’t required.

You just need a driving license and you do need to learn how to drive carefully.

Specific Prerequisites

  • You must be 21 years old or older
  • You should be able to drive four-wheelers like pickups and vans
  • Need the new smartphone
  • License a Driver
  • Motor vehicle insurance
  • Check the records

You can apply for it if you are eligible and start earning about $18-$20 an hour anywhere.


Influencer marketing is one of the MOST lucrative ways of generating affiliate sales.

It’s just passive income. You don’t need to get a damn muscle moving.

But just wait …

As it sounds it’s not that convenient!

You have to become an influencer on social media.

An influencer is someone who has the power to manipulate people and their purchasing decisions.

And if you’re an influencer, people would enjoy your reviews, and buy from you more definitely.

Amazon influencer system offers influencers an opportunity to make a passive income by recommending to their followers the most desirable and successful items.

You can connect to the social account where you have the most extensive following. (This system only extends to those who have checked their social media presence, which may be Snapchat, YouTube, Facebook or Twitter.)

When you are approved for this program, you can build a marketplace (Get your own selling page on amazon) to distribute and receive compensation for your items.

Best Practices To Accept

You must have a verified blue checked social media account.

As Amazon seeks engagement so buying fake followers will no longer work.


Warehouse employees are also, aside from part-time work, one of the best employment prospects that you can enter as a full-time employee.

They recruit full-time members of the team to pick up, pack and deliver customer orders.

Amazon used to pay warehouse workers $15-$ 17 / HR.

As you are part of the Amazon team, it is your duty to plan orders for your customers.


  • Manage inventories of the goods
  • Orders Pick and Pack.
  • Moving goods
  • Load boxes into the lorry
  • You’ll need enough energy to walk, stand, bend, and drive for 12 hours.
  • Operate industrial equipment that is powered.

Basic Competencies:

Secondary or equivalent level

Resume, and there is no need for past job experience.

9.Publish Your Own Books

Are you a good writer?

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) helps you to publish digital books. It takes less than five minutes to publish, and in 24-48 hours, your book is available in Kindle shops around the world.

Amazon helps you to customize your own book prices. Up to 70% of the Kindle sales royalties will be received.

Changes to the material can also be made at any time.

It is the best platform for writers to make money on amazon, Best thing about it you dont have to write 500-1000 pages you can publish book with 50-100 with good content.

You can use CreateSpace to print physical copies of your book in addition to books in digital format. Please use ACX to produce an audiobook that can also be available on Amazon.

10.Work From Home as an Amazon Rep

You can get a job working for Amazon right from the comfort of your own home. The service team supports 16 languages from more than 130 locations around the world.

Many employees of Amazon work mostly on Remote.

You may become a representative of virtual customer service and do the same.

Amazon monitors its customer support associates’ work regularly. See this page to see if you have the qualifications for a full time or part-time job. Request online then simply.


So above, I’ve listed the best amazon work opportunities that can offer you extra income with little to no experience. All the above mentioned are the best ways to make money on amazon.

And some of these positions don’t require a college degree, just simple academics are enough. And it’s a perfect time to take advantage of the possibilities.

It’s your decision now …

What do you think about the career opportunities in the Amazon? Please let me know in the comment section.


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