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Buy and Sell Websites – Six-Figure Income with Website Flipping

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I ‘m sure you could hear about the furniture flipping, but the website flipping?

It is a lesser known side hustle, where you work for profit from home buying and selling websites.

We can do so in two ways.

Just create and sell your own website in a few months, or purchase and sell websites online. This isn’t as hard as it sounds.

1.What is website flipping?

Website flipping is when websites are purchased and sold for money. Flipping means investing in buying low and selling higher, keeping the difference as your income.

Website Flipping or Blog Flipping

With website flipping, you are buying a website at a low price OR you are creating a website at a low cost, then investing your time and money in making it successful, then flipping for a profit.

For example, you build website in 60$. The cost of building includes the domain and the hosting you buy for a year. You then spend your time and energy, adding content and more to the website and making it worthwhile. Two months later, eventually, you flip for $500.

Investment $50

Sell for $500

Profit $450 (Sales price $500 minus investment $50)

Read more : How to start a blog and create website step by step guide

2.How can someone become a website flipper?

It’s a lot easier than you think it is. To break into flipping you do not need formal education, expert skills, background or knowledge.

You’re supposed to know basic computer skills, and that’s it.

Once you learn basic knowledge of wordpress you will learn how to create website in no time.


  • Computer access (or access to a device that has internet, like a smartphone or tablet)
  • Time
  • Budget $50 to $100 (website startup costs)

There are two ways to start website flipping.

  • Build a site
  • Buy a website

You can do one, or both.

Option 1, I enjoy building a site because I really enjoy that phase. I’m a creative person in my heart so it’s fun for me to make something out of nothing, add content and create a beautiful, professional-looking website.

That is also an option if you want to buy a site.

Website for Sale

You need to do more of an investment upfront and there are more start-up costs, but this path helps you to cut and add value to the site correctly. Find blogs to sell and at a higher price range.

Overall you can be a website flipper if you have a positive attitude, time to commit to the project, basic programming skills and a limited budget.

3. How much can you make by website flipping?

Depending on the number of sites you want to flip, the time you have available, and other variables, you can make less or more.

I’ve earned over six figures from almost two dozen websites flipping through.

Whether you’re looking for some side income or you’re looking to develop a full-time company, flipping websites is a great fit for both.

4. How does someone get started with website flipping?

I suggest that you start with training that will show you the ins and outs of where to begin. Sure you can go at it alone and feel your way through stuff to learn the industry but if you’re trained by an professional, you get so much more out of the experience and a head start to easily track your progress.

5. Is website flipping beginner-friendly?

Totally. That is one of the things I love about website flipping. You don’t have to be tech-savvy or have the coding skills or serious computer skills. You can do flip websites if you have simple computer knowledge.

Here’s how the process works:

1. First, pick a niche.

Your blog is about your niche. tThis can be anything from travel  to health and fitness to creating wealth and more. There are a lot of attractive niches to pick from.

Some examples of evergreen niches include:

  • Health and wellness
  • Money and finances
  • Sports and hobbies
  • Relationships and personal growth
  • Food and recipes
  • Small business
  • eCommerce
  • Education
  • Current events and political commentary 
  • Entertainment coverage and analysis

 2. Next, you have to pick your site name and get hosting and domain.

3. Lastly, connect WordPress, add content and launch.

You’ll add content such as blog posts, website pages such as About Us and other content to the site and then launch it to the public!

When the site is launched, it takes a minimum of an hour of maintenance a week. You will do maintenance stuff like adding fresh content to your site, promoting your website online, posting on social media, and so on.

I haver given all the details step by step you can read it here how to start a blog.

6. Where I Can sell the websites?

buy and sell website

There are best website to buy and sell website is Flippa. is the most popular, and the best. They allow buyers and sellers to purchase and sell pages, forums, eCommerce stores, and other digital assets as a market place. It is user friendly. Sellers can value their site first (the value of your site here) and then sell it.

What distinguishes Flippa is the number of purchasers, the number of sales assets, and the usability. Every minute Flippa signs up for one new buyer! Site, stores, and digital properties are available for sale across all price ranges.

It suits those beginning and seeking to build a new company as well as those looking to purchase and invest in assets generating high-value profits.

There are lots of other websites you can considerd for website fliiping are :

7. How to Find Quality Websites to buy

Find several key success metrics when finding places worth buying.

  • How well the platform receives revenue
  • How consistent are the earnings (for example, are they seasonal?
  • Whether the revenue is generally passive (i.e. not fully ad-based)
  • Has this potential upside? Consider how the traffic can be maximized, the revenue streams increased and the current content and design enhanced.

Expect to pay several of the site’s monthly (or annual) income now. The new owner gives up potential profits, so the price must be fair. On average, a 12-18 times the monthly income is supposed to be charged.

 Make an Offer

It is time to make an offer if you found a site you like and have done the correct background testing.

Certain websites will be listed at a price. If this is the case, then you want a lower offer to start, but don’t have a small ball. You have a little bit of a wiggle room starting at 70 percent of the requested price, particularly if any of the negative items were found.

8. Improve the Website

It is time for you to make it more valuable once you have purchased the site and it is transferred into your name.

You want to maximize your monthly profit. You can do such things as:

  • Improvement of the content strategy and SEO for further keywords
  • Explore opportunities for affiliates or negotiate better agreements
  • Increasing your spending on social media and paid advertising to boost your sales further
  • Create and maintain an active list of emails

Overall, you should try to optimize traffic and income as much as you can, while removing yourself from the equation.

9. Find Your Buyer

For those last few steps, you have two main methods to use:

  • Using a marketplace Web site
  • Look for a Broker

The marketplaces we mentioned earlier on the website (back in step 6) are all options to list your website. The benefit of this approach is that you let interested sellers come to you, instead of having to do the finding work. And with a marketplace on your website, you pay less in fees than with a broker.

But hiring a broker also has its benefits for anyone who is relatively new to selling websites, or who has a website they think could potentially be worth a lot. A broker has access to an extensive contact network.

Can You Make a Profit Buying and Selling Websites?

When you are considering entrepreneurship online, there are a lot of choices for you. It isn’t for everyone to purchase and sell websites for profit. Identifying the right websites and raising their value requires a lot of work and skill.

However, the purchase and sell of websites can create a valuable business model if you know how to detect the opportunity and possess expertise in increasing website traffic and online sales.


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