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10 Best Part Time Jobs Near You
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10 Best Part Time Jobs Near You 

So, what you want to know which are the best part-time jobs to make money in 2020. I’m mentioning ten such part-time jobs here that will help you make the best of 2020 by making more money.

For those who don’t have much money, working part-time isn’t a requirement. Instead, part-time employment is quickly becoming a way of life for everyone – poor or wealthy, although for different reasons.

The rise in living costs, the desire to spend more money, pay for higher children’s studies or even a hobby are some of the most significant reasons for part-time work in America
Best Part Time Work Near You Everybody can get everywhere and anywhere a part time job. But that may not serve your money-making intent. Alternatively, check out these 10 best part-time jobs to make money back in 2020.

1.Financial Advisor

part time jobs as financial advisor

Working as a Financial Analyst, with a median annual salary of $51,637, is the best part time career to make money in 2020. You can work part-time as an online or offline as Financial Advisor.

Job includes advising people on different savings schemes, pensions, pension plans and other methods of building wealth. Also, as the client is their customer, a Financial Adviser often gets fees from the banks and investment houses.

As Financial Advisor you can build financial portfolio for your clients


part time jobs as journalist

By supplying part-time journalists with reporting, reporting commentary, perspectives, reviews and columns to media outlets in the US and abroad, you can make an average of $44,264 per annum.

Nearly every agency of news media. Larger people who reach audiences in the United States pay more while those with a smaller local audience pay less. Your job is to provide the employer with latest news and edit copies or news scripts occasionally.

3.Online tutor

part time jobs as online tutor

An online teacher in the United States should expect a total of $50 an hour in school teaching subjects, including English, Math and Science. Many teachers are now millionaires online, as Chinese and other international students are being educated.

The more students you get, the higher your profits from this amazing part-time work. As eLearning becomes famous worldwide, the best part-time work for 2020 is online tutor employment

There are lots of online teaching website you can work with like , BYJUS

4.Online Fitness Trainer

Nearly everybody’s a health freak today. That’s right. Scientific and medical literature indicates that sedentary lifestyles cause many diseases that can be avoided, including high cholesterol, diabetes, and many more.

Yet rich families and people may not want to frequent a fitness center. You need personal fitness trainers online instead. Depending on how long you work, an online fitness trainer will receive a total of $49,482 a year. For 2020 it is a part-time, high-demand job.

5.Content writer

part time job as content writer

For websites and forums, content writers produce news, blog posts and research-based documents. Seek to become a part-time content developer if you have outstanding research and writing skill

The salary depends on your expertise, like writing, in a specific area. An independent content writer receives from $20 to $60 an hour. The essence of the material and the employer also depends. Specialized writers of content may earn up to $100 an hour of work.

6.Video Creator

video editor

A free video publisher in the US makes more than $80,000 a year, from $20 to $200 an hour or less. Your talents and your employer are important. Of course, as part time jobs for big business, a professional video editor makes more money.

YouTubers would pay less, in particular because they could not afford high fees. As a part-time Video Editor, you can raise more money to dub it in a foreign language as well.


Act as a part time copy writer if you have innovative skills and can write excellent catchphrases and capture content for businesses and advertisers. They earn $24.60 an hour average.

In reality, if you are really creative and working for a major firm or advertising business, you can make a lot more. Copywriting is a very renowned discipline. You can also become a freelance copy writer by 2020 and make more money, if you have the creative skills that do not suit your current work

8.Online/offline Translator


You can receive as a translator $44,013 a month when you are an international student in America or an American who has expert fluency in a foreign language.

This is one of the best part-time jobs to receive in 2020, despite the massive demand for translators from American companies and the federal government.

9.Digital Marketer


This is one of the most time-consuming jobs for money. Digital marketers in part time are strongly requested in the USA. A part-time digital marketing manager will make up to $58,305 annually
And it’s not costly to do a successful digital marketing course. Indeed, with rising numbers of people going online and e-commerce, digital markets will be highly demanded both worldwide and within the USA.


The most recent figures show that freelance bookkeepers work with high net worth individuals, small and medium companies, which earn between $25 000 and $300 000 a year.

This pay is the same as most full-time bookkeepers working for businesses and reporting every day to their office. Part-time bookkeepers may operate from home or elsewhere. This includes the correct accounting of the money of the employer and the declaration if appropriate.

These are the best part time earning methods which has very high earning potential

so this is all for today , if you have any doubt and want any info on any topic comment below i will give my best to help you out .

Happy earning .

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