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4 Best Places to Buy a Cheap Domain

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Starting a website or blog for yourself is a great challenge. You will need to buy a cheap domain name when it comes to the first step.

You will also need a good domain name when launching your new blog or website. But the big question is, can we trust in buying cheap domains on the Internet?

So let’s go!

There is no requirement that the same provider will be your domain registrant and host. The best you can get on your own.

If you can consider a good host somewhere else, and a decent domain registrar somewhere else, you can keep that out too.

Yes. Yes , yes. It’s possible to do so! And when someone is there to guide you to the best place, you are not alone.

Below are 4 best places to buy a cheap domain that offer you quality service and reasonable deal support!

1. Namecheap


Namecheap has been in the running for the last 18 years, as it was at the time of writing this post. This one of the lowest priced services for domain name registration as well as web hosting.

It provides a wide range of cheap domain names for first-year registration as low as $6.88 [.com] and $10.99 for renewal. You are always given a percentage of the first-year discounts to help you save on [.net,.org, and more].

One of the best thing about namecheap that makes it best out of all is its support , They have live chat person support which help you to solve your problems not just help sometimes they do work for you if you not able to solve the problem.

If you’re going to start a personal blog or a small business online, Namecheap is the best place to buy a cheap domain!

2. Godaddy

Godaddy, the daddy of all domain registrar, is another best and popular place to purchase low-cost domain names. ­čśÇ

In the first year it costs $9.99 and the upgrade costs about $11-18. As an loyal client, they tend to provide a number of different ways to save money.

They are still the leading registrar of domain names and there are no excuses what they have to sell

Their service is user friendly and it is used by most so lots of tutorials available about them on how to use and link domain to hosting and about ssl.

3. Bluehost

Bluehost gives your website or blog some sort of great deal. This is one of the largest website hosting providers and publishes for millions of websites. And it is the simplest and fastest way to use your blog with WordPress as an initiator without any technological expertise .
The best part is to offer you a FREE domain with one click WordPress installation in the first year if you are hosted by them.

This means that you don’t have to worry about installing WordPress on your host and it does everything smoothly.

If you need a guide, go to my blog book to start your journey.


HOSTINGER is one of the cheap domain names registration provider. If you go with .com, .net and .org domain registration starting from $8.99/year renewals $12.99/year. Also, they will offer great support in registering your domain with them.

Comparing with the above registrars seems like they are not so much cheapest but they have flexible pricing plans and have helpful management and proper support that an handle your issues 24/7.

Cheap Domains from Best Providers

You can also go or. Net Top Level Domains to boost your SEO content on the search engine pages.

I will advise you to go to Namecheap if you only purchase a domain among the five mentioned above.

If you want both the domain name and hosting without investing more money as a beginner, it’s inexpensive and versatile for newbies.

Even, for newbies, Bluehost is fine. All the other, GoDaddy are good for you. However, the price and discounts are not really cheap.


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