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10 High Paying Website Testing Online jobs
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10 High Paying Website Testing Online jobs 

It’s important to know as a blogger that my website is user friendly. Because if I lose visitors because of puckish navigation, lack of clarification, bad design, or lousy content — then I lose money. This is why businesses are paying well for unbiased third-party reviews of their websites and mobile apps. Website testing is essential to grow business on a large scale and to get new ideas from users.

You’ll need to be an internet-savvy and speak fluent English to check out websites from home. You will also need some basic equipment such as a computer with a microphone and camera, internet access, and an updated web browser. The majority of tests take 5 to 25 minutes and cost $10 per test on average.

10 Best Ways to Make Money to Test Websites

1. TryMyUI

try my ui website testing

Make 10$ for your time of 15-20 minutes. Next, sign up for an account to join the TryMyUI squad. You would then have to take a qualification test and pass it.

The qualifying exam is a sample check to prove that you know the procedure and the criteria. You will receive test chances by email after you have tested. They make two-weekly payment through PayPal.

The good thing about it you don’t have to leave your 9-5 job to do this, You can work here part-time and can earn more money than your regular job.

2. UserFeel

Userfeel website testing

This Site give $10 reward for posting your opinions on various websites. Sign for an account, and take a sample test to become a website tester. Once you have accepted your application, you will start receiving assignments by email. Payments are made at the end of each week via PayPal, and testing takes about 10-20 minutes each.

There is no potential how much money you can earn, the more you work the more money you’ll get.

3. UserTesting


Earn $10 per 20-minute job (up to $60 for each test). Please submit your email address and complete your application online to become a website tester. Aspiring testors are expected to take a sample test before any assignments are received. This gig is available to residents of the US and International who can collect payments via PayPal. Each test takes about 15-20 minutes to complete.

This is one of the best high paying website amongst all, you can earn more money by spending a few hours. It is one of the best website testing site to earn good amount of money

4. Respondent

Respondent  website testing

Respondent is a forum for research study that performs surveys, focus group interviews, and website gig checking. To get started, use your email address, Facebook or LinkedIn account to build an account. Then fill in the contact information, demographics, and job status. If it’s all done, you can start browsing projects and apply for ones that sound interesting to you.

There was one website testing gig at the time of writing this post which paid $40 for 20 minutes, and another which paid $100 for 60 minutes. You’ll need to sign in with Respondent and test the status of pending projects.

5. UserBrain

Userbrain website testing

Earn money when completing a set of tasks at Userbrain by voicing your thoughts. Every project takes about 5-15 minutes, and you will get $3 per check via PayPal. Payments are paid out regularly.

As it is online job you don’t have to go anywhere , you can work from your home also

6. UserLytics


Make money to give feedback on blogs, apps, designs, ideas, and more. To apply, log in to an account and wait for an invitation to complete a task. After you’ve completed your assignment, you’ll get paid from $5-$90 through PayPal, depending on the complexity of the project you’ve been working on.

7. TestIO


With test IO, They will pay you for checking websites, applications, and games. If you find a flaw or mistake on the website, you win $50 if it’s a critical matter. If there are no bugs you still you will get for giving a rating to apps as well. The IO test pays out monthly through PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill, or bank transfer.

It is a very big company and more opportunities are available here if you are good at finding bugs and flaws in websites and apps you can earn a high amount of money from here, it has offices in San Francisco and Berlin and was established in 2011.

8. Ferpection


You can make money from Ferpection through your smartphone, tablet, or desktop equipment to carry out missions. I’ve recently done a 45-minute check with them and it has earned $25. What I like about Ferpection is that you don’t have audio or video recording. You simply take screenshots and respond to texts. On the last Friday of each month, payments are made via PayPal.

9. HelloPingpong

Pingpong website

Make Money on PingPong for website testing and apps. You can get €40-€200 for interviews of 30-60 minutes according to their website. Seven days after the interview, payments are made and distributed through Transer wise or PayPal. You need a webcam machine to operate, but otherwise, it is free for residents all over the world.

10. TestingTime

Testing time

Earn up to 50 Euro per study. Through analysis is carried out via Skype and typically takes between 30-90 minutes. Upon completion of the analysis you will obtain payment within 5-10 days through PayPal. Testing Time is available to global residents who have a computer-installed internet connection and Skype.

Making the Most of Website Testing Gigs

Now, if you’re anything like me, you calculate how many tests you’ll be able to complete in an hour, and how much you’ll learn. But leave your horses behind you! These are incredibly common opportunities! Statistically, there are fewer consumers than participants, so don’t expect three experiments to be done on the hour each.

Register with as many companies checking the platform as possible.

Make sure to take advantage of the opportunities for practice and sample testing, because many businesses would only require you to pass their test a few times.

Make sure you always do your best job, because many businesses rate their testers, and those with higher scores seem to get more and better

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